ü  Two – spacious and modern operation theatres.

ü  Operation tables: Hospital  tables with radiolucent tops. Accessories for all Orthopedic, Neurosurgical and Urological procedures.

ü  Complete set up for Laparoscopic surgery

ü  High frequency Image intensifier television (IITV).

ü  Operating microscope

ü  State of the art Anesthesia equipments.

ü  Two Boyle’s trolley with cardiac monitors.

ü  E.T. CO2 attachments.

ü  Adequately trained and appropriately qualified staff.

ü  Well equipped recovery room (with central O2 and suction).

ü  I.C.U. back-up for complicated cases.


                 Two fully equipped Modular Operation Theatre for all kind of trauma, Obstetrics – gynecological, General surgery, ENT surgery, spine, Neuro surgery, Arthroscopic and all kind of Laparoscopic & Major Plastic surgery.