General & Minimal Invasive Surgery

The Department of General & Laparoscopic Surgery deals with a range of surgical ailments and emergencies. In addition to treating minor swellings, the surgeons are adept at complex abdominal surgeries and trauma cases. Most abdominal surgeries are performed through Laparoscopy (Keyhole Surgery). ImmiCare Centre for Minimally Invasive Surgery (laparoscopic surgery) stands equipped with state-of-the-art operation theatres, high-tech medical equipment, sharp 

paramedics, proficient & the best doctors in Aurangabad, reflecting our belief to create a patient centric healthcare environment. Through our holistic approach to recovery and rehabilitation we continually create new benchmarks in healthcare.

The Department is headed by Dr.Abhay S.Pandit, Founder and Managing Director, Laparoscopic Surgeon in the country and has completed more than 10,000 various General & Laparoscopic Surgical procedures.

Services Offered

  • General Surgery
  • Emergency Surgery including Poly Trauma
  • Inguinal, Incisional and Ventral Hernia Repairs
  • Surgeries of the Liver and Gallbladder
  • Oesophageal Resections and Reconstruction
  • Gastric (Stomach) Surgery
  • Surgeries on the Small and Large Intestine
  • Splenectomy (Spleen Removal)
  • Anorectal Conditions
  • Pancreatic Surgery
  • Minimally Invasive Surgeries for Varicose Veins of the Lower Limb
  • Wound Care for Diabetic Foot and Venous Ulcers
  • Endoscopic Thyroid Surgeries
  • Endoscopic Parathyroid Surgeries
  • Breast Surgeries, Reconstruction & Conservative Surgeries for Carcinoma of Breast

Laparoscopic Surgeries

  • Cholecystectomy
  • Diagnostic Laparoscopy
  • Appendectomy
  • Inguinal Hernia Repair
  • Incisional and Ventral Hernia Repair
  • Adrenalectomy
  • Splenectomy
  • Treatment of Hydatid Disease of the Liver
  • Fundoplication for Heart Burn
  • Cardiomyotomy for Achalasia Cardia
  • Colectomy
  • Rectopexy
  • Nephrectomy
  • Treatment for Varicocele