About Us

ImmiCare Multispecialty Hospital is established with the Vision of building a pre-eminent healthcare system committed to providing invaluable, state-of-the art, innovative healthcare services by industry leading healthcare professionals through right diagnosis and treatment options benefitting everyone who needs Healing.

“ImmiCare” aspires to provide highest level of patient Care providing specialty surgical and end-to-end comprehensive patient care services to those who need healing. We would strive to exceed our community’s expectations for compassionate care, superior service and health care excellence.


“We are you”

We strive to achieve Health Care Excellence by delivering exceptional outcomes to You by providing compassionate care, and superior health care services with right diagnosis and best treatment options through integrated clinical practice.

Core Values & Purpose:

Our pledge to always place the needs of our Patients First.

We Espouse diversity and embrace the Challenges of our Patients impartially and courageously.

Provide Compassionate care with Innovative healthcare solutions.

We Respect our Patients, their families, our colleagues, and all our healthcare partners, and strive to dispense all our Obligations with Integrity, Transparency and Dignity.

Encourage Curiosity and sustained Learning.

Harmonize all our skill sets to create a Team of unrivalled healthcare professionals working in Unison to face the Unexplored with Gumption.

Assure Safety of our Patients, their families, and our colleagues from accidents. 

Diffuse our capabilities to communities’ In-accessible to Exemplary healthcare services.


Be accountable for our Actions and remain environmentally sustainable for our Future generations.